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Fashtory is a modern online directory & network for fashion influencers. Developed for designers, buyers, tourists, retailers and business owners, Fashtory aims to be the social gateway that connects fashion lovers from across the world. Whether you're a designer in need of a client, or a buyer looking for the next best thing in fashion Fashtory is here to make the introductions.

Why Fashtory?


Looking for new fashion? Tired of trailing the internet to find unique items? Tourist who wants to find local talent? Fashtory is your one stop destination to direct you to talented designers and stylish concept stores. From the hottest new womenswear brands to fresh menswear designers and the latest in handbags and shoes; we have them from all over the world in one place. Our easy to use app enables you to search for products in various countries, to find exactly what you are looking for. We've scoured the globe so you don't have to. Find your unique style at Fashtory.


New designer or store without an audience? Want to grow your fanbase? Getting lost in the fashion crowd? Fashtory is here to help. Sign up to our network and we will connect you with a swarm of stylish fashionistas who are just waiting to discover the next best thing in fashion. Our easy to use app uses a smart category system to arrange each designer and store, so you can be sure you're being found by the perfect customer. Join our worldwide collective to grow your global audience and find a new fashion fanbase.

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